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Refer to the exhibit.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B

Answer: A

A developer is configuring a DataRaptor Load to Save contract data. The developer needs to set the record type of the contact using DeveloperName.
Which two configuration actions should the developer take to set this up in the DataRaptor Load?

  • A. Check is Lookup property when mapping the fields.
  • B. Add Link to RecordType object in the Contact Object with the id field of RecordType object.
  • C. Select RecordType in theLookup object lis
  • D. Development in the lookup Field list, and ID in the Lookup Requested Field list.
  • E. Select RecordType in the Lookup Object lis
  • F. ID in the Lookup Field list, and Development in the Lookup requested Field list.

Answer: AC

An integration Procedure uses an HTTP action to make a REST API call. The response from the REST API must be converted into a specific XML structure before sending it as an inputto another external wen service.
How should the developer configure the Integration Procedure to meet this requirement?

  • A. Use a Remote Action that calls the XMLStreamReader class
  • B. Use a Remote Action that calls the XMLStreamWriter class
  • C. Use a DataRaptor Transform to convert JSON to XML
  • D. Use a DataRaptor Extract and check the XML checkbox on the Output JSON Path.

Answer: C

An integration procedure contains a Remote Action element that calls a method of an APEX class. The method requires two fields are input: Accountid and ProductId. The integration Procedure data JSONcontains the following nodes:
How should the Remote Action element be configured to pass the data correctly to the method?

  • A. Check the Send Only Additional Input checkbox, and the following/ value pairs to Additional input:OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
  • B. Set Return Only AdditionalOutput to true, and add the following Key/Value pairs to additional input.OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
  • C. Check the DataRaptor Transform checkbox, and add the following Key/Value pairs to Output JSON Path:OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
  • D. Add the following to Send JSON Path: accountId: %Accountd% ProductId%Details Products%

Answer: B

A developer has a requirement to create a child FlexCard that contains all of its parent FlexCard’s records In a Datable How should the developer configure the parent FlexCard’s Node?

  • A. {Records{0}}
  • B. {Records}
  • C. {Params, records}
  • D. {Recorded}

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit below. In this integration production structure, what Send JSON Path would be used to send the Output of theAction1 element to a Remote Action?
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Action1. Block
  • B. Block A
  • C. Action1: Block
  • D. Block A
  • E. BlockA: Block
  • F. Action 1
  • G. BlockB: Block
  • H. Action1

Answer: B

A developer is troubleshooting an Integration Procedure with two elements: A Remote Action named FetchCart and a Response Action namedResponseCart.
In Preview, what JSON node shows the data sent to the Response Action?

  • A. FetchCart
  • B. Response
  • C. ResponseCartDebug
  • D. ResponseCart

Answer: C

A developer needs to display read-only contact information in a OmniScript. The developer will format the information as a table, using merge codes to dynamically include first name, last name, street address, state, postal, code, and country from the data JSON.
Which OmniScript element should the developer use to meet this requirement?

  • A. Rich text Area
  • B. Text area
  • C. Text Block
  • D. Edit Block

Answer: C

In an OmnoScript, a developer needs to configure a Disclosure element to require user input only if the user already checked a Non-Disclosure Agreement Checkbox.
How should the developerconfigure the conditional view to meet this requirement?

  • A. Show element if true
  • B. Disable read only if true
  • C. Set element to optional if false
  • D. Set element to require if true

Answer: A

A developer needs to build a DataRaptor Transform to send current weather to both an OmniScript Card Layout. Which of these samples would be valid for the Expected Output JSON?
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
The card layout uses an integration Procedure as a data source. Thecards use the layout data source. Which JSON data structure supports this card layout and follows best practices?
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C

Answer: C

Which two of these options can a developer use to retrieve data from a Salesforce object? Choose 2 answers

  • A. A DataRaptor Load Action
  • B. A DataRaptor Extract Action
  • C. A Lookup Input Element
  • D. A DataRapt or Post Action

Answer: BD

A developer has an existing DataRaptor Load that insert Contact records with inputs as LastName and firstName. The DataRaptor works as expected when previewed.
The developercreates an integration Procedure to test the DataRaptor and is using a SetValues element in the Integration Procedure to set the first name and last name for the contact record. The DataRaptor and Integration Procedure are set up as shown in the exhibit below.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
When the developer executes the Integration procedure in preview, the following error message displays: Required fields are missing: [last Name]’’,
How should the developer address this issue?

  • A. SetValuesContactDetails should have been added to Additional input of DataRaptor Post Action in Integration Procedure
  • B. The Set values Action Keys should include the DataRaptor Post Action element name path, e,g LoadContactDetails, lastname
  • C. The DataRaptor Post Action in the integration procedure should have been executed before the Set Values Action
  • D. The valid field names should be added in the Domain object field in the DataRaptor

Answer: A

A developer need to configure a calculation procedure to calculation a subtotal using twodifferent depending on whether the input Boolean variable is Customer is set to true or false.
How should a developer configure the calculation procedure to conditionally execute the correct formula?

  • A. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected: use the ISTRUE(isCustomer) and NOT (ISTRUE) (isCustomer) functions in the Condition syntax.
  • B. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected: reference just theisCustomer variable in the Conditional syntax (no comparison necessary)
  • C. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected: compare the isCustomer variable directly to the literal true and false values in the Condition syntax.
  • D. Use a single Calculation Stepswith IF statement directly in the formula definition to reference the isCustome variable and conditionally perform the appropriate calculation.

Answer: B

A developer is creating a FlexCard for a new Community page. The FlexCard will display case information along with action to close the case and update the case. And it will be styled using the Community’s theme.
What must be developer do to configure the FlexCard for deployment in a Community?

  • A. Add the FlexCard’s API name to FlexCard Player component
  • B. Set the Target property in publish Options to Communitypage’’
  • C. Configure the Component visibility in the custom Component.
  • D. Set the Developer property in Card Configuration to ‘’Community’’

Answer: B

A developer needs to change some field labels on a FlexCard. The FlexCard is currently deployed to production. The developer that the best course of action is to version the FlexCard rather than cloning it.
Which factor wouldlead the developer to this decision?

  • A. The new version of the FlexCard will be used in a new Console, and the current version of the FlexCard should remain unchanged.
  • B. Another team member is developing new action, fields and styling for the current version of the FlexCard.
  • C. The new and current versions will be displayed together on the same target.
  • D. All instance of the FlexCard must be updated with the changes.

Answer: B


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